Eye Treatments


Our affordable pricing plan provides you with a multitude of options for your personal care needs.


From $30

Revitalise your eyes with expert infill treatments.

Flares Set


Transform your eyes with our Flares Set

Russian Volume Set


Enhance your gaze with Russian Volume Set.

Eyelash Lift


Enhance your gaze with expert eyelash lifting.

Classic Natural Set


Enhance your eyes with our timeless Classic Natural Set.



Perfectly shaped eyebrows to enhance your natural facial features.

Classic Glamorous Set


Elevate your gaze with our Classic Glamorous Set

Hybrid Natural Set


Experience mesmerising eyes with our exquisite Hybrid Natural Set.

Hybrid Glamorous Set


Experience the allure of our Hybrid Glamorous Set

Eyelash Tinting


Enhance lashes with our expert tinting for captivating eyes.

Hybrid Glamorous Volume


Elevate eyes with our Hybrid Glamorous Volume treatment.