Facial Treatments


Our affordable pricing plan provides you with a multitude of options for your personal care needs.

Express Facial / 20 min


Freshen up skin including cleansing. professional exfoliation, moisturizer

Hydrating Facial / 40 min


An intense hydrating facial suitable for normal to dry skin. It includes cleansing, Professional exfoliation, extraction and finishes with the hydrating serum

Deep Cleansing Facial / 45 min


This specific skin treatment combines products selected from ayurvedic including cleansing, professional exfoliation.and extraction specific for your skin condition,mask and finishing with the moisturiser.

Thalgo 3 Algae Facial / 45 min


* Exclusive ``Thalasso`` facial with Micronised Marine Alage to rebalance skin and replenish its minerals. An all-natural skin treatment that deeply cleans, Rebalance and Remineralised the skin
Additional free eyebrow tidy

Cold Cream Marine Comforting or Cold Cream Marine Nourishing Treatment / 60 min


Got sensitive skin? It is up to you to decide to reinforce its tolerance with cold cream marine, your skin is soothed and hydrated.
Additional free eyebrow tidy

Source Marine Hydra Strengthening Treatment / 60 min


Give Your skin a bath of hydration rich in remineralising marine active ingredients. In this professional treatment, seve Bleue des Oceans extract is combined eith THALGO Micronised Marine Algae extract, to instantly hydrate and strengthen even the thirstiest skin.Additional free eyebrow tidy

Hyalun-Pro Collagen Treatment / 60 min


Wrinke to wrinkle treatment combining Hyaluronic acids & Marine Pro-collagen with Roller Boosters. Instantly, the face looks younger, as if relaxed and even establish wrinkless appear smoothed

Lumiere Marine Brightening Treatment / 60 min


This triple exfoliation treatment with brown alage extract offers a visible anti-ageing result and corrects dark spots, an uneven pigmentation. Smooth, Evens, illuminates and reveals a brighter complexion
Additional free eyebrow tidy

Kalahari Hydrating & Nourishing Facial / 30 min


Revitalise your skin with our 30-minute Kalahari Hydrating & Nourishing Facial, for ultimate freshness

Kalahari Hydrating & Nourishing Facial / 1hour


Experience ultimate rejuvenation with our Kalahari Hydrating & Nourishing Facial, a 1-hour oasis for your skin

Kalahari Dry & Dehydrated Skin


Revolutionary skincare solution specifically targeting dry and dehydrated skin with Kalahari's natural, nourishing ingredients

Kalahari Skin Brightening Facial / 1hour


Revitalise your complexion with our Kalahari Skin Brightening Facial, a 1-hour journey to radiant skin

Kalahari Skin Correction Facial / 1hour


Revitalise your complexion with our Kalahari Skin Correction Facial. Experience rejuvenation in just one hour

Kalahari Age Preventative Facial


Experience the rejuvenating Kalahari Age Preventative Facial, harnessing nature's power for youthful, radiant skin

Microdermabrasion + Eyebrow Shaping + Upper Lips


Rejuvenate your skin with microdermabrasion, plus perfectly shaped eyebrows and smooth upper lips for a flawless look.

Derma Needling


Experience rejuvenated skin with derma needling, stimulating collagen production for a smoother, more youthful complexion.